Gateway West & Park View now have a voice.

Built between 1999 and 2005, the Gateway West and Park View neighborhoods in Sacramento’s Natomas basin were developed. In the years that passed, it became apparent to many in our neighborhood that opportunities exist to preserve, improve, and protect our community.

Gateway West and Park View neighborhoods contain 1,361 single family homes, two apartment communities on Duckhorn Drive that total 412 units, numerous businesses in the Market West Shopping Center, and of course, the historic ranch that is our namesake. There are also two undeveloped parcels of land, both of which are currently zoned for high density residential.

Witter Ranch Community Alliance was created by several area homeowners who found each other in the course of seeking solutions to challenges our community faces. We are motivated, we are connected, and if you live in Gateway West or Park View, we need your support.

Together we can — and do — make a difference.