About WRCA

Witter Ranch Community Alliance (WRCA) is the all-volunteer neighborhood association of the Gateway West and Park View neighborhoods of Natomas in Sacramento, California.

WRCA’s Purpose

We aim to promote a sense of community among Gateway West and Park View residents. We are committed to keeping our neighbors informed of important developments that affect our safety, security, and quality of life. We diligently represent the best interests of our community.

WRCA’s Core Values

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Open, accurate, and timely communication
  • Spirit of partnership with agencies that serve us
  • Solution-oriented thinking
  • Open-mindedness

WRCA’s Goals

  • Deliver relevant news and information to our community
  • Seek opportunities and solutions for community improvements
  • Identify areas of common concern and establish partnerships with agencies and organizations that can help
  • Organize and facilitate community events to engage our neighbors and community
  • Assist in development and facilitation of neighborhood watch groups
  • Stay proactively apprised of land use and development decisions that affect our community
  • Diligently convey the views and concerns of our community as a representative whole