Burglary Attempts in N. Natomas on Monday (Including Groth Circle in Gateway West)

Please be especially watchful for suspicious activity in the late morning hours. On Monday there were a couple of attempted burglaries in North Natomas, including one on Groth Circle in our neighborhood (details below). Although there’s no evidence of which I am aware that connects these two incidents, based on the timing (less than two hours apart) it would not surprise me at all if the thief was scared out of the Regency Park neighborhood and decided to venture into ours a short while later.

Be especially watchful for one or more unfamiliar people who:

  • Seem to be “hanging around” with no particular purpose — they could be getting a feel for the immediate area and who might be paying attention.
  • Knocking on doorbells or ringing doors 😉 — not every salesperson is a suspect, but when the sales pitch doesn’t make sense or the person is asking for someone who doesn’t live there, there’s a good chance the person is trying to figure out if anyone is home.
  • Are peeking over fences — FOUL!

This has been said before but it bears repeating:

If you are home and someone knocks or rings the bell and you do not recognize the person, our police department has recommended that that you don’t ignore the person. You need not actually open the door if you do not wish to, but make sure the person knows the house is occupied — otherwise, if it is someone intent on breaking into your house (a property crime), that burglary can escalate to a home invasion robbery (a crime of violence). The vast majority of burglars do not want you in the home when they are stealing your stuff.

If your instincts tell you something is suspicous, don’t hesitate to call Sacramento Police Department right away:

Non-Emergency: 916-264-5471
Emergency: 9-1-1 from landline –or– 916-732-0100 from cell phone

Together our efforts can — and do! — make a difference.

Incident Number: 12-068566
Occurence Date/Time: Monday, March 12, 2012 at 9:25 AM
Description: Attempted Burglary
Location: 100 block of Bill Bean Circle (Regency Park Neighborhood)
Details: A neighbor called in after seeing a subject enter his neighbor’s back yard and break out a window. Officers responded and established a perimeter and K9 search. The suspect was not found. However, the burglary was obviously interrupted by alert neighbors.

Incident Number: 12-068643
Occurence Date/Time: Monday, March 12, 2012 at 11:12 AM
Description: Attempted Burglary
Location: 200 block of Groth Circle (Gateway West Neighborhood)
Details: Officers responded to a ringing alarm and found that someone had tried to break in. No entry was made.

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