Community Report on Proposed AT&T Mobility Wireless Communication Facility at Witter Ranch Park

AT&T Mobility is interested in Witter Ranch Park as a leasing site in which they propose to construct, operate, and maintain a wireless communications facility. As the established neighborhood association that represents the area in which the park is located, Witter Ranch Community Alliance leadership was approached early in the proposal’s life cycle for its feedback. Many hours of meetings and study were conducted between March 2011 and March 2012 to influence the design of the proposed build and to explore opportunities to maximize benefits to the community, all within the context of the principle that if our community is to host such a facility in our neighborhood park, then the benefits to the community must exceed its costs. The aim of this report is to cover all of the pertinent facts: what the proposed facility would look like, why certain design decisions were made, what measures ensure the public’s safety, how WRCA conducted an outreach campaign to maximize awareness of the proposal at this stage with residents nearest the proposed site, what feedback WRCA leadership has received to date, and what position WRCA’s leadership is prepared to take on this proposal. — (More…)