Gunpoint Robbery and Carjacking Attempt on Cafaro Circle

At 10:15 PM on Wednesday, December 22, 2016, three young men used a gun to commit a robbery of a young man in the driveway of his home on the southern leg of Cafaro Circle off Stemmler Drive in the North Natomas community of Sacramento.

Surveillance video captured the incident as it unfolded. The victim had just arrived at home when he was approached by two men on foot asking him — (More…)

Gone in 30 Seconds: Vehicle Theft Crew in North Natomas Caught on Surveillance Video on Sparrow Drive

At 3 AM on April 23, 2016, a three or four person crew stole a Honda Accord from Sparrow Drive in the Witter Ranch community in North Natomas (Sacramento, California). This compilation of videos captures the crime and the perpetrators. It took only 30 seconds for the thief to enter the vehicle and drive away.

Prior to the theft, the suspects walked multiple times down street and checked every door of every vehicle within camera — (More…)

Special Event! 2nd Annual Witter Ranch Community Alliance Barbecue and General Meeting

Join your Witter Ranch neighbors for this FREE barbecue and community meeting with special guest Councilmember Angelique Ashby on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at Witter Ranch Park, 3795 Saintsbury Drive. — (More…)

AT&T’s Witter Ranch Park Cell Tower Project on Indefinite Hold

by Keith Sharward

I am often asked about the status of the cell tower project that AT&T worked for over two years to design and gain the city’s approval for building and operating at Witter Ranch Park.

I spoke to Frank Schabarum today — he is the consultant who represented AT&T throughout the design and permitting process who many community members met at community meetings we hosted throughout the design and community input solicitation process. — (More…)

Special Event! Neighborhood Watch Leadership Training and Police Communications Center Tour

Witter Ranch Community Alliance, your all-volunteer neighborhood association, is partnering with Sacramento Police Department in providing Witter Ranch residents an opportunity to tour our state-of-the-art police communications center. This is the facility where all of our city’s landline 911 calls are received and where all calls for police service are handled — (More…)

Special Event! Barbecue & Quarterly Meeting

Join your Witter Ranch neighbors for this FREE barbecue and community meeting with special guests from our police department on Thursday, April 16 at Witter Ranch Park 3795 Saintsbury Drive. Barbecue starts at 5:30 and meeting Starts at 6:30. — (More…)

WRCA’s 6th Annual Huge National Night Out Celebration: Tuesday, August 6

Don’t miss our 6th Annual National Night Out Celebration on Tuesday, August 6, 2013, from 6 to 8 PM at Witter Ranch Park. — (More…)

San Juan Reservoir Park & Sump 17 Issues – Introducing Paladin Private Security

Paladin Private Security LogoEffective June 1, 2013, the city’s Sump 17 facility at the southern end of San Juan Reservoir Park is actively patrolled by armed officers of Paladin Private Security. To support Paladin’s mission of protecting the Sump 17 facility against trespass, vandalism, and other illegal and nuisance activities, Paladin also has incidental access to the greater San Juan Reservoir Park. That means — (More…)

Revised AT&T Wireless Communications Facility Proposal for Witter Ranch Park

Faux Water Tank Photosimulation As Depicted from Chimney Rock WayOn February 22, 2013, as anticipated, AT&T submitted to the City of Sacramento its revised proposal for a wireless communications facility for Witter Ranch Park. The proposal submitted [PDF, 14 MB] includes zone diagrams, a set of photosimulations from four viewing perspectives in the neighborhood plus one from the Arena Blvd. overpass, and an Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) — (More…)

Proposed AT&T Wireless Communications Facility in Witter Ranch Park? You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers…

Questions and answers about the proposed AT&T wireless communications facility for Witter Ranch Park — (More…)