AT&T’s Witter Ranch Park Cell Tower Project on Indefinite Hold

by Keith Sharward

I am often asked about the status of the cell tower project that AT&T worked for over two years to design and gain the city’s approval for building and operating at Witter Ranch Park.

I spoke to Frank Schabarum today — he is the consultant who represented AT&T throughout the design and permitting process who many community members met at community meetings we hosted throughout the design and community input solicitation process. He said “AT&T put a stop on new site builds last year.” Since last year, AT&T has been directing all of its mobile infrastructure funding and resources to upgrading existing sites.

Three permits had been secured for the project — the Special Use Permit, the permit by the city’s real estate department allowing the project to be installed and operated on city park property, and the actual building permit. The building permit was issued on December 2, 2014, however it has since expired.

If and when AT&T decides to direct funding and resources to the Witter Ranch Park project, then a new building permit will be secured, a process sure to be streamlined by the fact that a building permit had already been issued previously.

When or even if that might occur is anyone’s guess at this point. It seems unlikely that AT&T would totally abandon this project altogether, given how much they invested in it already, but only time will tell.

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