Gone in 30 Seconds: Vehicle Theft Crew in North Natomas Caught on Surveillance Video on Sparrow Drive

At 3 AM on April 23, 2016, a three or four person crew stole a Honda Accord from Sparrow Drive in the Witter Ranch community in North Natomas (Sacramento, California). This compilation of videos captures the crime and the perpetrators. It took only 30 seconds for the thief to enter the vehicle and drive away.

Prior to the theft, the suspects walked multiple times down street and checked every door of every vehicle within camera views. The Accord targeted for theft appeared to have its passenger door unlocked.

Suspect #1: Light skinned male, thin build in his mid to late teens, baseball-type hat on backwards, dark jacket, dark pants, light shoes with dark markings on side of sole towards center.

Suspect #2: Light skinned female, thin build in her mid teens, medium length dark hair in ponytail, light sweatshirt with design over chest, light pants or blue jeans with cell phone in right rear pocket, light shoes with dark laces and very dark soles.

Suspect #3: Light sweatshirt or jacket with long sleeves, dark pants.

Suspect #4: Dark clothing, long sleeves (may be a repeat sighting of Suspect #1).

If you have information about this crime and/or the above suspects, call Sacramento Police Department at 916-264-5471 and reference Incident #16-115121.


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