Gunpoint Robbery and Carjacking Attempt on Cafaro Circle

At 10:15 PM on Wednesday, December 22, 2016, three young men used a gun to commit a robbery of a young man in the driveway of his home on the southern leg of Cafaro Circle off Stemmler Drive in the North Natomas community of Sacramento.

Surveillance video captured the incident as it unfolded. The victim had just arrived at home when he was approached by two men on foot asking him for the time, but the situation quickly escalated when the first suspect revealed a pistol. They demanded his smartphone and his wallet, and they would have stolen his car as well, but it seems the fact that the car was equipped with a manual transmission proved too baffling for that endeavor.

Suspect #1 is described as a black male, 18 to 20 years old, 6’ tall, 140 pounds, thin build, with dark brown or black dreadlocks, wearing a gray wind breaker jacket and dark pants.

Suspect #2 is described as a black male, 18 to 20 years old, 5’ 4” to 5’ 8” tall, thin build, short dark brown or black hair, wearing a beige hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

Suspect #3 was not seen or captured on video, but was the driver of a car that picked up the other two suspects. The car appeared to be a black or dark blue 2nd or 3rd generation Toyota Prius (model years 2003-2014). This photograph is an example of a 2nd generation black Prius for comparison — the actual suspect vehicle may be somewhat different than this depiction.

Sacramento Police Department responded quickly as soon as they were called. They began a thorough investigation and discovered the smartphone had been discarded in a neighbor’s yard. The case was referred to detectives who have been actively following up on the case. If you have any information about this crime and/or the above suspects, please call Sacramento Police Department’s emergency dispatch line at 916-732-0100 and reference Incident #16-364828.

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  • Harold Park

    After reviewing the video, if you look at the Prius as it drives up in front of our house, you can see a 4th person in the back seat. As the car starts to pull away, he or she rolls the window up

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