San Juan Reservoir Park & Sump 17 Issues – Introducing Paladin Private Security

Paladin Private Security LogoEffective June 1, 2013, the city’s Sump 17 facility at the southern end of San Juan Reservoir Park is actively patrolled by armed officers of Paladin Private Security. To support Paladin’s mission of protecting the Sump 17 facility against trespass, vandalism, and other illegal and nuisance activities, Paladin also has incidental access to the greater San Juan Reservoir Park. That means if you see illegal or nuisance activity anywhere in or around the park, you are welcome and encouraged to call Paladin’s 24 hour dispatch line to report your observations and they will usually dispatch an officer to investigate and engage.

This is great news for residents in the immediate area of San Juan Reservoir Park and its sump facility who have endured years of unwelcome activities at and near the site, including drug and alcohol use, gang graffiti and vandalism, shattered glass, litter, sex acts, theft, trespassing after park closure at sunset, and peace disturbances, all of which discourages residents from enjoying the park themselves.

Sump 17 and San Juan Reservoir Park Security MapPaladin is not a substitute for Sacramento Police Department — rather, they complement each other’s roles. Paladin’s focus on the site and large contingency of officers patrolling sites throughout Natomas allows them to respond quickly to these sorts of reports from neighbors, usually faster than our police department can. Paladin’s contracted authorization to act as the city’s official agent on matters directly impacting the Sump 17 facility and its adjacent freshwater pump house empowers Paladin officers to serve violators with official binding Notices of Trespass which expressly prohibit further access – if such parties return to the site specified in the written notice, the likely scenario is they will be arrested and police will book them in the county jail.

We have already seen an impressive display of proactive patrols from Paladin and timely responses to neighborhood reports of unwanted activities. On June 10, Paladin had been summoned to San Juan Reservoir Park on a report of alcohol use and was monitoring the situation following that contact when another resident reported drug use occurring at the freshwater pump house at the park’s southern end. The Paladin quickly proceeded to the pump house to investigate and engage the three teens. Police were also dispatched and during their engagement one of the teens was arrested and taken to jail. The Notice of Trespass served during that incident should ensure that individual will not be returning to avoid another trip to jail.

Displayed is a map of the park, along with tips on whom to call for various observations. Please keep this information handy and program these telephone numbers into your cell phone so that you can promptly and effectively report observations.

Witter Ranch Community Alliance wishes to recognize and thank the City of Sacramento’s Utilities and Parks & Recreation departments, Paladin Private Security, The Office of Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby, Sacramento Police Department, and the dedicated watchful neighbors near San Juan Reservoir Park and Sump 17, all of whom are committed to partnering with each other to protect these sites and the neighborhood that surrounds them.

Call Sacramento Police Department’s Emergency – 9-1-1 from a land line or 916-732-0100 from cell phone for:

  • Crimes in progress
  • Incidents posing immediate risk to health, life, property or environment

Call Sacramento Police Department’s Non-Emergency (916-264-5471) for:

  • Reporting “Cold” Crimes (already occurred, suspects no longer on scene)
  • Suspicious behaviors
  • Nuisance/illegal activities

Call Paladin Private Security’s 24-hour Dispatch Center (916-331-3175) for:

  • Suspicious behaviors at “DOU” Sump 17 and surrounding area
  • Nuisance/illegal activities at “DOU” Sump 17 or surrounding area
  • People in San Juan Reservoir Park after sunset

Call City of Sacramento Operator – 3-1-1 or 916-264-5011 or send email to for:

  • Graffiti abatement
  • Park maintenance issues

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