Special Community Meeting on Tuesday, May 28 at San Juan Reservoir Park

For years we have been working with the various City of Sacramento agencies to address longstanding issues relating to security of San Juan Reservoir Park, the sump facility at its southern end, and the immediate vicinity around the park. Criminal and nuisance activities on and near the premises have come and gone over the years but seem to peak in the warmer months.

Such activities have included narcotic and alcohol use, peace disturbances, trespassing and loitering after sunset when park is closed, vandalism and graffiti including street gang tags, sex acts, and various other annoyances that affect quality of life for residents who live near the park and often discourage and intimidate neighbors from using the park themselves. A number of property crimes have also taken place over the years in the immediate area that may be associated with the people who commit these acts.
Some incremental improvements have taken place over the years as a result of WRCA’s partnership with our police department and the Department of Utilities which oversees maintenance and security of the sump facility where much of the activity tends to be concentrated. However, long-term solutions and significant improvements have until now proved elusive.

Paladin Private Security LogoWe are very pleased to report that it appears that is about to change. Paladin Private Security has been awarded a contract to provide armed security services for Sump 17 and other Department of Utilities facilities in North Natomas. In addition, Paladin has or will soon have access to San Juan Reservoir Park to support their primary goal of securing the sump facility.

Paladin is eager to begin its services here and to partner with residents who live near and/or use San Juan Reservoir Park to proactively and reactively address problems. We are hosting a special community meeting on Tuesday, May 28 at 6 PM in the main covered picnic area at San Juan Reservoir Park off Bewicks Circle. Notices about this meeting were distributed to all homes on Shrike Circle, Cowbird Court, Sora Way, Bewicks Circle, and Grackle Court on Saturday, May 25 encouraging their participation. All residents of the Gateway West and Park View neighborhoods who use and/or have interest in San Juan Reservoir Park are are welcome to join us. We will learn how Paladin intends to partner with our police department, what limitations may exist in the scope of their services, and how we can help them help us.

Sump 17 & San Juan Reservoir Park Security Community Meeting Agenda

Location: Main Covered Picnic Table Area at San Juan Reservoir Park off Bewicks Circle

Date & Time: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 6 PM

Michel Huizar, Constituent Coordinator, Office of Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby
Pete Millino, Water & Sewer Superintendent, Department of Utilities
Dennis Joy, Lieutenant, Sacramento Police Department North Command
Keith Sharward, WRCA Co-founder & Board Member, Cafaro Circle
Jason Alexander, WRCA Board Member, Frisinger Court
Matt Carroll, Vice President, IT and Operations, Paladin Private Security

Encouraged to attend: All residents of: Shrike Circle, Cowbird Court, Sora Way, Bewicks Circle, and Grackle Court

Also Invited to attend: Residents within Witter Ranch Community Alliance boundaries who utilize and/or have interest in the safety and security of San Juan Reservoir Park and its surroundings

6:00 PM — Introductions & Opening Remarks (Keith)

6:05 PM — Quick Review of Challenges in Vicinity of “Sump 17” (Keith/Dennis)

  • Sex acts

  • Narcotics
  • Alcohol
  • Graffiti, including gang tags
  • Gang loitering
  • Littering
  • Vandalism
  • Peace disturbances
  • Curfew violations
  • General lack of utilization by respectable people/families/neighbors
  • Citations
  • Police department communications center challenges
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Report, January 2009

6:15 PM — New North Natomas Utilities Facility Security Contract (Pete/Matt)

  • Effective date
  • Who is Paladin Private Security?
  • Primary responsibilities
  • Secondary responsibilities
  • “What it is” / “What it isn’t” – setting reasonable expectations
  • Physical boundaries
    • Where is line dividing Sump 17 facility and San Juan Reservoir Park?
    • Where is line dividing San Juan Reservoir Park and public streets? (Does the park include the bike trail?)
    • Why do these distinctions matter?

6:45 PM — How Residents Can Help (Keith)

  • What to look for
  • What to do / whom to call
  • How WRCA can be of support

6:55 PM — Action Item Review

  • What
  • Who
  • When

7:00 PM — Adjourn

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